What I’ve Eaten This Week

Good morning ladies! Here to share some daily eats with ya today! I hope you enjoy them. It’s been a yummy week of eating out, leftovers, and freezer foods. Easy and delicious!

Just a quick reminder for you before you begin reading through. The purpose of sharing my daily eats with you is to help YOU build trust that YOU TOO can eat what you want and still feel great in your body. If finding balance with food is possible for me, it is also possible and available to YOU.

When I first start working with a client I’ll often ask them what let’s them know that I’d be a good fit to support them and they usually say something along the lines of “I trust you. I see what you eat. It’s normal, and it gives me faith that I can feel the same.”

So, let’s dive in :).


What I've eaten this week - 1 of 12

Monday morning started off with a super toasty english muffin with pumpkin cream cheese and a banana. I ended up mashing half of the banana on each half and loved it!

What I've eaten this week - 2 of 12

For lunch, Marco and I enjoyed chile verde burritos with rice, beans, salsa, and avocado. Everything except the tortilla was made from scratch by none other than Papa Burton (aka, my dad). I LOVE when he sends me home with leftovers!

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During the day, Marco and I visited our friend Hannah and her little guy, Waylon. While we were there visiting, we got on the topic of Mexican food and shared about our favorite place, La Palapa. So, of course, we landed there for dinner.

To start, we had chips & salsa. Can I just say… the BEST homemade chips ever? It was like having a double chip with each one! Who else loves double chips?

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I also had a side salad with bleu cheese. Mmm! So good. Totally hits the spot every single time.

What I've eaten this week - 5 of 12

For dinner, I had carne aside Sopes, which I’d never had before, with rice and beans on the side. I barely touched my dinner, because I felt pretty content after the chips and salad and side salad. Good news is, I had leftovers the next day!

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Tuesday morning started off with a long solo morning walk listening to one of my coach trainings. After that, I went to the gym with Marco. This week I’ve been feeling like I have excess energy in my body that I just need to get out. So, moving has been feeling especially good.

I also didn’t wake up hungry this day, so I gave myself permission to just wait it out. My hunger finally hit around 10:30, when I enjoyed my leftover Mexican food. I ate my leftover over Sopes minus the shell/corn/whatever-it’s-called… I wasn’t feeling the corn flavor all too much, but enjoyed the toppings and rice and beans.

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Around 2:30 I got hungry again and enjoyed some of my dad’s homemade veggie pizza! Mmm! Again, I get so excited about his leftovers. This pizza is every veggie I can think of plus pesto and mozzarella cheese. So delicious! I cut these little guys up into squares and ate them with a fork, which felt so savory to me.

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For dinner, Marco and I drove to Cambria (about 45 minutes north of us) and met his grandparents for dinner. We landed at Robin’s. To start, I shared salmon bisque with Marcos grandma and shared a slice of garlic bread with Marco.

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For my main dish I ordered Robin’s Chicken Chow which was a noodle, veggie, and chicken stir-fry. Pretty good! I also enjoyed a glass of Pinot Noir with dinner and after dinner where we listened to music at Cambria Pines Lodge. So fun!


What I've eaten this week - 11 of 12

Wednesday started off with some bible reading in bed, and then breakfast: a super toasty english muffin with olive oil, avocado, sea-salt, and red chili pepper flakes. So good! I wasn’t feeling anything sweet yesterday morning.

What I've eaten this week - 12 of 12

I also enjoyed a cup of english breakfast tea with coconut milk (the one I shared on Instagram from Trader Joe’s).

What I've eaten this week - 1 of 2

Lunch was a chile verde, bean, and rice burrito with dad’s homemade salsa.

What I've eaten this week - 2 of 2

Dinner was pesto tortellini with the last little slice of pizza that my dad sent me home with (double what you see in the photo). This was such a fun dinner because it was so random. I was hungry when I went to make it, so as the tortillini was cooking I sat down with the slice of pizza all cut up. It felt like I was out to a restaurant having an appetizer but at home. Hehe.

Yesterday was full of walking. I’ve really felt like moving my body this week: standing at my desk, craving the gym, wanting to walk around town, etc… I went on two long walks while I talked with two of my good friends on the phone and then ended the evening at the gym.

It’s pretty interesting to me actually (I love discovering how our bodies work!)… this last month I’ve basically taken exercise off the table. As in, unless in sounds fun and a WANT TO I don’t have to do it. Since this simple mindset shift, I’ve been enjoying walks, hikes, bike rides, the gym with Marco when it feels like a fun date, and walking more places vs. driving. Just recently (maybe it was all the driving back and forth to Ventura) though I’ve REALLY been wanting to move daily. My body must need it! I love how our bodies let us know exactly what we need when we’re willing to lift the rules and pay attention.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! I’ll see you back here either tomorrow or early next week.



Love, Paige

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