What To Do About Body Checking

This week on the podcast we’re talking about BODY CHECKING.

What to do about body checking

You know, that thing you do daily when you come across a mirror. More often than not, body checking is meant to be critical of yourself. However, I want to reassure you that body checking is natural and normal-Selah does this too and she has zero body awareness. I don’t want you to feel guilty around body checking, but I want you to be able to determine what your reason for body checking is-to be critical or just to examine yourself neutrally?

What are you checking for? What do your eyes gravitate towards? This will show you where you need to grow and open up to loving yourself more.

I want to help you to be LESS critical and MORE proud of yourself when you check the mirror.

Instead of checking for negative body image thoughts, just notice. The goal isn’t to fully get rid of critical body checking, but to move towards that positive acceptance. There is so much room for growth, without expecting yourself to be perfect.

Who is the you behind the physical that you want to see? Who is the you that needs to be seen or encouraged?

Try this:

In the episode, I talk about using those mirror moments to see the YOU behind the PHYSICAL.

Look less at your body, more into your eyes. Cheer yourself on. Say it “Girl, you’re doing a good job.” High five yourself, give yourself a wink. (I’m so proud of you.)

Here’s to seeing the YOU behind the physical YOU. Show her love. Let her know she’s seen. Cheer her on!

Love, Paige

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