What We Use: Relationship Books

Good morning from me + Noah.

My little buddy stayed the night last night, because I wanted his sweet company. Love having him here with me. Hmm… should I just keep him? Nooo…. I couldn’t…. He likes my parents house way too much!


Anyways, this morning I am posting on Relationship Books that Marco and I love to read.

I will start by saying that Relationships take work. Yes, there are many wonderful things in my relationship, but we too struggle through things like everyone else. We hit hard spots, and we have to iron through them. Counseling has been a really good tool for us.


In our Counseling we are using this book. Receiving Love. It’s really good. It talks about a number of things, and really challenges each of us to dig through things and discover why we feel the way we do about certain things.


Next, our Love Languages Devotional Bible. Many morning we will get together an read a passage from the bible, and then the devotion that goes along with it.

This came from the same author as The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman.


Marco hasn’t read this book, but it was my summer read two years ago and it’s definitely a good one. We’ve both taken the test.

I am Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, and Acts of Service. I used to be Words of Affirmation, but I feel like that is changing as I grow up.

Marco is Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.


When we started talking about Marriage, we began this book. We called it our “Book Club” and made it into a fun little date. Sit at the beach, read a chapter. Lay in the back of my car parked wherever, read a chapter. After our morning devotional, read a chapter. Late at night with time to spare, read a chapter. We really enjoyed this book. If you’re thinking about marriage, I definitely recommend it. Heck, even if you’re married it would be good!


We are starting this book now, and are in the very beginning pages. So far, it’s funny, knowledgable, and seems like it’s going to be a really great read. We are excited to get into it. This will be our next “Book Club” book.


Last, we read this devotional together daily. Whether we are together in the morning or apart, it encourages us both Daily. If he’s not with me, I send him a picture of it per his request 🙂


Here’s todays devotional so you can all get a taste 🙂

I bought this book for his Grandmother, and she went and bought it for her daughter, who then went and bought it for her two little boys. They have a version for kids that matches the adult version each day – just in kid lingo. This little treasure is a wonderful gift!

Well, there you have it! Those are the books that we read.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Do you use any books in your relationship?


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