What You DON’T Need to Do During Quarantine

What You Don't Need To Do During Quarantine

Sis, if your life has changed because of COVID-19…

If you’re busier than ever because you’re on the frontlines in health care… 

If you’re working from home…

If you were already home, but now your husband and kids are home with you…

Whatever your scenario — if your life has shifted because of COVID-19… 

You DON’T need to try and create your before.

If you had days FILLED to the brim with meetings and activities, you don’t need to schedule 20 Zoom calls this week to replace what was already full.

If you want to, you can. (No shame.) But you don’t have to. 

You’re allowed to use this time to slow down. To connect with God, your spouse, to yourself… or to people who you don’t regularly talk to, but now you’re thinking of more often. 

You’re allowed to use this time to nap, to rest, to sleep in…

You get to decide how you want to use this time. 

You’re allowed to spend extra time in your cozy clothes. 

You’re allowed to take a nap mid-day. 

You’re allowed to feel like you don’t have any of this figured out.

It’s all okay. 

A simple self check-in will do:

  • What do I need right now?
  • How do I want to spend my time? Does that match how I’m feeling?
  • Are there any expectations I need to let go of right now?
  • How can I help? (This is a question for you, from you)

If the temptation to fill your calendar (and your kids calendar) as full as they were before is creeping up, just know… that’s just one option of how you can spend your time right now.

But you don’t need to make your “now” look like your “before.”

This is a different season with different lessons. You can let it be different without comparing.

Love, Paige

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