What’s Up, October?

So, this morning I definitely slept through my alarm. I set that baby for 5:30 and woke up to a bright room at 7:00. I didn’t even snooze! Just slept right on through. 


Yesterday was nuts. Our dishwasher broke, and my plans went out the window. Let’s just say I got a lot done around the house instead 😉


green smoothie recipe

First of all, we had zero food in our house since we just got back from vacation. Plan was to run to TJ’s right at 8 and go grocery shopping. I had a green smoothie with the last of our bananas, spinach, chocolate almond milk and flaxseed, and that did the trick for the morning.

At 8, I started laundry, finalized my TJ’s list and went to head out the door until I had the though “eh, I’ll turn on our dishwasher before I go.”

Turned it on… EEEERT. Turned it on again…EeeRRRttTTtt…(for those of you who don’t know… that’s the sound of a dishwasher breaking).

broken dishwasher

So, yep! Our dishwasher broke with water still inside. So I called the landlord and he said he’d be over shortly to put in a new one. I ran to TJ’s and came back home just in time to meet him.

dishwasher under construction

It was a long, messy morning. I had to cancel lunch with my girlfriend because I didn’t want Marco to wake up and find a random person in our house, so I worked and did chores instead.

balancing checkbook

I got out checkbook all balanced from our trip, paid bills, did the laundry, shipped some more binders for work, ordered some new binders, cleaned our bathrooms, hung some more things in my office, and then, it was done….

new dishwasher

Ah, so nice, white, and clean! Reaaaaaally happy with this new one. Our last dishwasher wasn’t a problem, but it was pretty old.

eggs and corn tortillas rolled up

By the time I had lunch it was about 3:00 and Marco was up, so I made food for him too. Breakfast for lunch, since breakfast slipped right passed me. Corn tortillas, egg, avocado, and salsa verde.

cooking rice in a rice cooker

After lunch I turned on our rice cooker with brown rice inside and headed back to work. I was off by 6:00 and then made dinner.

fried rice and stir fry - homemade

Homemade fried rice and shrimp stir-fry. I bought the frozen stir-fry from TJ’s, heated up two bags, and made a big ol’ batch of brown rice. It made enough for dinner last night, dinner Thursday night (already packed away since we’ll be short on time before our Small Group Thursday night), and lunch for Marco last night.

homemade fried rice

I made this once before and it was delicious, so I had to make it again:

“I already had brow rice cooked in the fridge, so all I did was heat a pan, pour some Olive Oil in the bottom (maybe 2-3 tablespoons?), and stir in the brown rice once it got hot. Then, I continued to add in some frozen peas. Once those were all warm, I made a little space in the middle and cracked the egg directly on the hot pan. It started to cook quickly, so I immediately stirred it all around. Viola! Fried rice.”

Who is excited that it’s October?! I am!

This October I am excited for:

  1. It’s Fall
  2. Budgeting today!
  3. I’m taking my hair slightly darker
  4. Getting my brows shaped (since I haven’t since the Wedding <– YEAH!)
  5. Likely traveling to SLO again
  6. Accepting three new girls into Health Coaching (inquire here)
  7. Halloween
  8. The Holiday’s are closer, so seeing family and celebrating
  9. …I’m probably forgetting things…

What excites you about October?! Share with me below.


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