When the same desire keeps coming up

You know those desires that just keep coming back to you?

Desires like “I want to write a book” or “I want to start a coaching business” or “I really want to start running” or “I want to shift directions in my business” (that’s mine–and I’m doing it now!).

What are the desires for you that seem to keep coming back to you?

I’m creatively (😂) calling this topic “The things that keep coming up” on the podcast.

I have some thoughts about these things being the very things we’re meant to pursue. Part of our calling. Otherwise, why do they keep coming up?

I’m also sharing my story of becoming a coach in this episode because a lot of you have asked about it. Not only that, but I’m sharing about the re-brand I’m in the middle of and how coming to the decision to do it wasn’t easy.

You’ll hear how much my brain overthought this, you’ll hear how I’m trusting God and taking action anyway. Even though I don’t have certainty of the outcome, I have full faith this is what I’m supposed to do and I’m going for it.

So whether you have a desire that keeps coming around starting a business or you just want a new haircut, I hope you enjoy this conversation and are able to spot the things that keep coming up for you.

Collectively, I’d love to see us taking bigger bolder brighter action toward the things that are so clearly being pressed upon our hearts. I’m doing it and I can tell you, doing it feels soooooooo much better than thinking about it.

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Check out episode #103 The Things That Keep Coming Up and if as you listen you realize YOU TOO have a desire that keeps calling to you, I’d love to hear what it is. Leave a comment and share!

I have so much felt lighter since I let go of overthinking and INSTEAD am taking action. Proof of my current new belief “easier DONE than said”.

Can’t wait to share the re-brand with you. It’s all going to be here within the next month, so stay tuned via email and @paigeschmidt on Instagram!

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