When You Can’t Decide On Just One Thing, Eat Both!

Good-morning all!

It feels so super early today… I think because it’s Friday… I’m blogging at 5:30am here before I head out to meet some girlfriends for coffee at 6:15, and then run to a Step II Class with my Daddy.



jelly with sourdough and eggs

Breakfast was homemade Humboldt Jam from my cousin Haley with eggs & toast. Homemade jam is THE best!

Body Works Class at 8:30 

I went to a BW Class with my Dad yesterday, like most Thursdays, and I got my butt kicked. We did so many new moves. Here’s one set we did: burpees, to single arm planks, to mountain climbers, to squats with a knee up. Three times over, with a few breathing seconds in between. And that was only the first set she created… I’m sore this morning! 😉


When I got home I had a small bowl of yogurt with banana and a sprinkle of g-free granola. I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a photo of it… that’s weird?! Ha!


paiges favorite green smoothie

Around noon I had “Paige’s Favorite Green Smoothie” while I continued work. This was is less than Green because I add raw caca0 in with my original ingredients 🙂

flowers wilting

Is it weird that I still like roses when they start to fade off like this? Anyone else? I think they’ve got so much character.


pasta soup

In the afternoon I made a bowl of my pasta-style soup from yesterday + a bit of grated parmesan cheese on top. Yum! This was even better the next day! I love that about leftovers…

dinner with mom and dad

For dinner, we went to my parents house. I love going to their house to eat – so many fun, homemade foods! You all remember the photos of my Dads constant homemade cooking when we lived there, right?! Heavenly…

I pretty much made myself a “sampler style” dinner. Once I’d started eating that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. Ha! I had the Husband take a piece of pizza. In the bowl to the right was homemade beans with carne asada and mozzarella cheese. Marco decided on a burrito for the night (of course, the parents have stuff for that too) and I wanted to get a little bit of both worlds: pizza and burrito. So, this is how I decided 🙂

Alright you beauties. I am off to meet my girlfriends for coffee. Next up, my Newsletter! Make sure you’re signed up. Like I said, the next 3 weeks are great. Oh, and the couple of weeks after that – those are currently in the planning/writing stage 🙂


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P.S. did you notice the “Now Taking Clients” in my previous post?

I can’t help but feel so grateful for what I do… I think back to first writing my story and am in a awe that now I not only have this blog, but I also get to work with you girls one on one. It almost gives me the chills. Ah, so awesome 🙂

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