Becoming Who You Want to Be in 2021, My Reflections of 2020, and Where I’m Going

Becoming Who You Want to Be in 2021, My Reflections of 2020, and Where I'm Going

Hello, and happy January 1st of 2021! It’s a good day!

I’m sitting in my living room with a half cup of coffee left. It’s my second cup. I’ve got worship music on, my blinds are open, a candle is lit, and little Abby is laying at my feet. As I look out the windows I can see the sun bouncing off the many trees that surround our home. I’m in heaven. 

I just finished a massive journaling session where I brain dumped six pages of my soul onto paper. I didn’t know I had six pages to pour out of me when I started. But my pen hit the paper and I just kept going. 

From that journaling session, my word for 2021 came to me (I’ll share in a moment), I got so clear on who I want to be this year and why (I already processed this a lot in December) and I got really clear on where I want to go in my business. 

For example, I’m ready to start a podcast. I don’t know what it takes to start one… but I know that’s my next step. It’s the next way I want to communicate with all of you. I also know the way I want to create content from that podcast. I know how I want to tie it into The Growth Vault and use it for teaching and coaching. 

One thing I am uncertain of is… will The Growth Vault become my main way of coaching? Or will I continue private coaching? I love private coaching. But I also am not sure if I’ll continue to do both or put all of my energy into this monthly coaching membership? 

Or will I continue to do both, but do more limited private coaching? 

It all sounds good. It all is good. I know this year is going to be a year of growth, of clarity, a year of streamlining.

I’m surprised that I’m sharing this with all of you right now. But I am. I feel safe to do so, because starting today I’ll be taking steps to make these things happen. 

Through my journaling session the word nurture came to me as my word for 2021. It feels so right. I’ll be nurturing Selah (already nurturing her in my belly, and in person come March!). I’ll be nurturing my business in many ways (including starting new things). Nurturing my clients, my money (thinking of money in new ways this year), nurturing my mind (doing a ton of mindset work). 

It’s all good. I’m excited for it. I’m ready for it. 

It’s a really strange thing to say “2020 was a good year.” It feels a bit naive to what others have gone through. But I have to say, knowing that it was a hard, strange, and often polarizing year… it was also such an important year. 

A year where many people got clear on their values. A year where many people had to learn the hard lessons that our joy does NOT come from our circumstances (our job, what we’re able to do each day, where we live, etc.). Our fulfillment in life comes from the way we approach everything. From our perspective. From the way we navigate through tough times (because tough times aren’t going anywhere – they are a part of life and they aren’t wrong.)

This is the year where I’m taking my mind OFF of circumstance and putting my mind ONTO my own thoughts – because I know that what I believe about everything around me is much more powerful and affects how I feel much more than what is actually going on. What I THINK about what’s going on around me is most important. This is a year where I’m starting it off in 100% belief that my worthiness is always 100%, first. 

Before any new goal, before any new change… I am at 100% before the goal even starts. I will not be better with the goal. I am simply doing the goal because I want to. I hope you’ll join me in this same perspective. 

It’s so much lighter. It’s so much more loving. It’s so much more… doable! Because when we feel worthy now. When we feel worth-it now… we’re already good enough before we start the goal. We know that the goal doesn’t make us “more good.” 

We also know that goals are fun. Moving forward is fun. Achieving new things is fun. It gives life momentum. It allows us to experience many different things. It’s good. 

So this is where I’m at this year. On a path of nurturing, of fun, of creating deep and meaningful days, connections, goals. Just because I want to. Because I enjoy the process of doing these things. 

I’ve been so inspired this last month. I took a lot of time to reflect, slow down, unplug from social media and noise. I read, I took a course, I listened to Podcasts, I grew. I allowed myself to change. I allowed myself to evolve and now I’m allowing myself to share that with you. 

My word in 2020 was “epic.” It sure was an epic year, just in many different ways than I imagined. But, a few things still rang true for Marco and I! Many of our goals and desires were achieved:

  • We sold our house in Reno and moved back to California
  • We became pregnant with Selah 
  • We found a house to live in (and intentionally decided not to buy in the current market)
  • We bought a camper and had adventures as we’d hoped to
  • I got an office (for a few short months because when COVID hit I went back to having a home office) and loved it
  • We went to Mexico with our friends (pre-COVID)
  • We met new friends and have build deeper relationships all around us (I like to think “fewer and deeper”)
  • I did more Bible study with friends than ever before 
  • We learned what it’s like to run a vineyard as we lived on one for 6 months! Something I’d never even dreamt of doing… but it was fun and so cool to learn something new. 

If I look at the good, it was a good year. A year of so much growth. A rich and meaningful year. I know 2021 will be the same because I am changed – we are changed. Our priorities and values going into this year are clearer than ever. 

So here’s to 2021. This is my reflection post to share with you. To let you know bits and pieces of where I’m at and where I’m going. There’s much more to it, but these are the parts that I feel compelled to share with you. 

In The Growth Vault, my monthly coaching membership, we’re going even deeper into who we are becoming in 2021 and I’m coaching my members on actually becoming this version of themselves. Starting today.

If you’re not ready to start today, you’re not ready (mentally) for the goal. If you want a new result, start today. Don’t put off the discomfort of something new. Of making changes. This is exactly what we’re coaching on in TGV this week. (The Growth Vault is not currently open, but you can stick your name on the waitlist here to get an email when we open next or book a Discovery Session for private coaching with me here.)

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