Whole Foods Got Us!

Good morning everyone! How are you?

Okay, so I’m going to get straight into yesterday, because Marco and I are going to take off soon and go to the Farmer’s Market with Irene, the dog we are sitting.



2 eggs and one piece of Bacon. I wish I could say I liked this breakfast, but I didn’t like this one either. I’m just really not a pork person… I’m over the eggs + meat breakfasts! Couldn’t finish this one either.


I did have to take this picture though because it made me laugh while I was cooking!


After breakfast I took Irene on a 40 minute walk. I was planning to run, but my stomach hurt so much from breakfast the most I could get myself to do was walk hills. We had a great walk though 🙂

photo 1

After our walk I babysat for about 3 hours. While I was there, I snacked on dried Mangos. About double what’s pictured.


When I got off, I went to Whole Foods and picked up a new Protein that I’m pretty sure I will be returning. Sunwarrior. I know many of you love it, but I don’t like Stevia. Anything with stevia in it just tastes soo strange to me! I’m going to either find my True Vitality (other store I bought it at closed down) or Order it online. I was really happy with that protein!

photo 2

For snack, I had some Kale Green Smoothie (above) and a bag of Trek Mix.

After snack, Marco and I went and helped out setting up for Free Friday Flix, and event in Ventura that our Church is putting on every third Friday of the month during Summer.

After FFF, we went to Whole Foods again to grab dinner at the food bar. They really get you there with the weight! I got my regular salad, quinoa, and things of the like… and Marco was super excited to see Chicken, Mac n’ Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, and Broccoli… all the heavy foods. We both started laughing at the register when his single plate popped up to be nearly $18! His jaw dropped and he said, “well, I won’t be doing that again!”

Who has had this experience at Whole Foods before? The unexpected huge total at Checkout?

photo 2

After WF, we came home and got in our bathing suits and got the pool and jacuzzi ready. I had a glass of wine, and Marco had an 805 beer.

photo 3


photo 3

Irene wanted to play all night!

photo 1

Irene and Marco playing

photo 4

Me + Marco in the Jacuzzi!

photo 5

And then a whole bunch of night time fruit. I was really hungry a few hours after Whole Foods. I guess the salad didn’t hold me over!


photo 4


photo 5

And then apples + PB. By the end of this one I was super full! I took this plate out to the Jacuzzi and was debating whether or not I should give the rest to the dog. I decided not to, since I was scared that dogs couldn’t have PB… I’m not going to be responsible for giving this doggy any human food it can’t have! Ha.

Hope you all have a great day! We are off to the Farmer’s Market, and then I’m going to Breakfast with my Sister!


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