Why Consistency Feels Hard

If consistency freaks you out right now, I get it.

You might be thinking that consistency = doing something well repeatedly over a long period of time.

But fear kicks in – the what ifs

What if you start doing something well and then get tired of it?

What if you get results and then lose them?

What if you get results that you really like but then they feel hard to keep up?

The truth is many of us are afraid to be consistent.

We self-sabotage ourselves early because we’re freaked out we might lose our consistency.

Quitting on consistency is actually protection.

If you’re about to quit on consistency your brain might tell you things like…

You don’t really care about this.

Just live freely. Let go a little.

What’s the point of this anyways?

And therein lies where we quit on consistency and why it feels so hard.

Over the last year, the totality of things I’ve been consistent with is greater than it’s been in the last 10 years combined.

And the good news? Being consistent has felt easier than not planning or caring at all.

The consistency actually gives me more freedom and less overthinking. To name a few areas I’ve been more consistent in:

  • body movement
  • cooking at home
  • money habits
  • waking up early
  • routine
  • life rhythms

What would more consistency in your life do for you? What areas of your life are you craving more consistency in? (And yes, I’d like to hear from you! Leave a comment!)

This month on the podcast I’m talking with you about how to make consistency feel easier. Catch the first episode live now – #101 Self-Trust & Follow-Through (and why these things are so important as you’re becoming a consistent woman!):

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