Why I Am So Glad I Learned Intuitive Eating

Why I Am So Glad I learned Intuitive Eating

Happy Wednesday! Today’s post and podcast episode is all about why I am so glad I learned intuitive eating and how it has brought so much freedom and joy to my life. Prior to intuitive eating, I was in such a cycle of restriction and bingeing. If you haven’t already, you can read about my story here, or listen to this week’s podcast episode where I talk more about my journey and what led to me learning to eat intuitively.

I was a hard core dieter for six years – I was obsessed with dieting and (no surprise) miserable. With dieting also brought binges, and it was a vicious cycle for many years. I did not know my value, I was constantly searching for “the answer” outside of myself, and was always in my head thinking about my body image and how I appeared to others.

I started my journey with intuitive eating when I read the book, Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole. I didn’t know how I was going to stop obsessing over food like she said I would in the book, but I can truly say I no longer think about food in a dieting or obsessive way. I no longer feel controlled by food or exercising, and I never feel the urge to binge. My body knows I now adequately feed myself, and she trusts I am going to nourish her. I have a calm understanding of my body now, and it is such a freeing feeling.

I no longer obsess over my body image, and I know my worth and get fulfillment from myself and my relationship with God.

Through intuitive eating, I now have a calm approach to food. However, this took work, and I was the only one who could do the work. It wasn’t an overnight change, and it required me to make scary (yet rewarding) changes, slowly and overtime. I had to slowly fill up my body’s trust bank with experiences, so that she knew I was going to treat her well. I had to learn and recognize what made me feel good, and continually honor those feelings.

Overtime, my body reached its natural weight, and it stopped fluctuating so drastically. I had to then get used to looking “healthy”, and that taught me to stop basing my identity on what other people thought of my weight or my body. I had to decide for myself that being healthy truly added to my happiness, and my relationship with my body slowly started improving.

I now give myself permission to make decisions that leave me feeling good. I know I have full permission to eat exactly what I want, but also know that I want to make decisions that leave me feeling good. Food no longer has power over me, and I feel such a sense of calm around food now.

In addition to my relationship with myself, my relationships with others have improved since eating intuitively, because I now process my feelings instead of using food to push down those feelings. I no longer use food as a distraction, and instead sit with and process those feelings, both with myself and with my family and friends.

So, if you are nervous that you are the exception to intuitive eating working for your body, this is your sign that you are not, and you can gain so much freedom and joy from eating intuitively. If you want to hear more reasons why intuitive eating has truly changed my life for the better, listen to this week’s podcast “Why I am Glad I Learned Intuitive Eating”.

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