Why I Chose To Get Off Birth Control

Paige Schmidt Shares Her Own Pro's and Con's About Taking Birth Control, Which Led Her to Stop Taking It. Read More About Her Experience.

In the last post I wrote about birth control, I shared that my experience this time around was much better than when I’d taken it in my younger year to help with my periods. And it’s so true. I had a much better experience this time around. Yet, I still chose it was best for me to stop taking it.

I want to preface this post by sharing that this is not an anti birth control post. This is also not a post to persuade you away from taking birth control. Rather, in this post I am sharing my own pro’s and con’s which led me to stop taking birth control since some of you were curious why I stopped.


  • My emotional and physical PMS symptoms went away completely. This was huge for me! No cramps, no mood swings. Just steady going.
  • My skin felt amazing. I felt it was always glowing and barely had any breakouts.
  • My mood was incredibly stable, I literally had no mood swings (more on this in the cons).
  • I slept like a baby.
  • I didn’t see any noticeable change to my weight (I don’t weigh myself) – my body still felt healthy.


  • My period was never predictable on birth control. I was on it for almost a year, so I know I gave my body the suggested time to get used to the added hormones.  However, my period still wasn’t regulated, which was frustrating since I figured birth control would mean predictable periods.
  • My moods were just all too stable. Before you think I’m crazy (ha!), let me explain. I felt very monotone and flat lined. I didn’t get super excited for anything, but I also didn’t feel real sadness. I began to notice that I was totally lacking in good belly laughs and had stopped being super silly.

Ultimately, this last point is the reason I went off of birth control. One day, before my trip to NYC last year, Marco and I were scrolling through photos on his phone. He had his phone on Air Play mode hooked up to our Apple TV and his camera roll was showing on our TV screen.

As he was going through photos (he’d saved every picture I’d ever sent him from way back, which I thought was sweet!), I felt like I was looking at a different person. Big smiles, silly faces, hyperactive photos goofing off, etc…

I sat there on the couch and said to Marco, “Wow, I don’t feel like this anymore. I feel so… monotone.” Monotone was the only way that I could describe it. After this, I asked around to see if anyone else I knew had ever felt the same, and sure enough, they had!

So, the only choice that felt right for me in that moment was to stop taking the pill and to see if my regular emotions returned. Sure enough, they did. Since I’ve stopped (about 9 months ago now) I’ve returned to my normal self, all of the highs and lows included, which has me feeling much more alive even if sometimes it’s more difficult for me to handle.

Have any of you experienced similar side effects to birth control? Any questions? I’m no birth control expert, but I’m happy to answer and share my own experience with you.

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