Why I Hired My Own Coach

This week, I hired a coach again (I’ve worked with a few coaches!). Today, I’m sharing why I hired my own coach.

Ultimately, I hired a coach because I care deeply about living a full, meaningful life. I care deeply about being intentional. Having a coach helps me to do BOTH of these things.

I’m in one of the happiest seasons of my life, I feel a few “nexts” coming, and I want to be sure that I thoughtfully care for those nexts.

Sometimes, people hire coaches because they’re struggling. Other times people hire a coach because they’re doing REALLY well and they’re ready to get to their next level. Either are okay! I’ve done both.

But, this time, I hired a coach because, as I told her:

“I love the selfishness of coaching in the best possible way, ever. It feels sooo luxurious to have a space carved out just for me, every week (or every other week), to focus on what I want, where I want to go, and to get to process all along the way. It is the aboslute most delightful experience.”

Hiring a coach gives me the motivation to prioritize what is most important to me. Instead of feeling afraid that I won't fulfill or do all that is important to me, I just trust that I'm on my way.

My goals in working with my coach this time are:

  1. Invest more time/energy into my personal growth
  2. Start running and to get really comfortable with it
  3. To thoughtfully begin thinking about starting a (bigger) family

Already, in our first session I set the following goals word-for-word:

  1. I walk Abby every day, 4 of those days I will run during my walks, getting my heart rate to 170 [this is currently where I feel challenged – I use an old 2013 Polar watch similar to this one to let me know what my heart rate is]. I will find a place I can have Abby off leash so that it’s enjoyable and fun!
  2. I will spend some time to pick out 3 or 4 outfits I love and set them out so it’s easy to get ready in the morning. [I wanted to get dressed in full outfits more often!]
  3. I will have a meeting on Wednesday where I will officially become a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach [Wahoo! This just means I will be recommended on Dave’s website – I am already a Financial Coach]
  4. I will print out a blank calendar to check off the days I complete my goals. [Yay, celebration!]

You may be wondering, did my coach give me these goals? Or did I come up with them? I came up with them!

This is what I *love* about coaching. It’s a space for me. I get to process what I want in life and intentionally move toward it. I get to understand what I want and why I want those things on a deeper level, and then set goals to go and DO what I want.

THIS is why coaching feels so luxurious and worth every penny to me. It helps me to live my life fully which is a top top top value of mine.

Let me break down each of these goals and share WHY it feels so important to me to have a coach to work through them (which, by the way, these are just a FEW things we’ll work on – once you start coaching, a whole world of possibilities open up and I just love this so much!):

  1. Running – I encourage all of my clients to follow the desires of their hearts. To listen to their intuitions. Well, my own intuition has been begging me to run for years. I’ve been through glimpses of running phases, but I always feel SOME block around running. If you remember, about a month back I did a whole Instagram poll about running. I wanted to work with a coach on this to figure out what my negative block around it is so I can just do it and enjoy it. Yesterday in our session we talked about how I used to perceive running and how I used to use it as a way to keep myself small; to control myself. Today, I use running as a way to experience joy, to feel healthy, and to feel empowered. I don’t want my old story to hold me back from my new one, so I’m working through this with my coach. She’s giving me the space to talk through it!
  2. To think about starting a (bigger) family – meaning, I want to thoughtfully consider expanding our family, aka, having kids. We’re not “trying” or whatever you might call it yet 🙂 But I know that Marco and I would both love to have children, and so I wanted the space to process all my thoughts, feelings, fears and excitements about motherhood, parenting, pregnancy, etc… Coaching will give me the space to do that!
  3. Making personal growth and learning a top priority – Another “hit from my intuition” is that I’m craving to learn and invest in myself. To grow. And to step even more into who I envision my future self to be. I love spending time visualizing who God is showing me I will become in the future. I love that vision of my future self so much that I consistently make decisions to move toward her. Coaching was a decision to do that. In coaching, I get to focus on this for the entire three months (and who am I kidding I’ll probably hire my coach for another three months after our first three because I love it so much!).

Here’s another thing I shared with my coach:

Coach: “What is the quality of your life right now, on a scale of 1-10?”

Me: “10”

“I’m in a space, as I shared, where I feel beyond happy. I am fulfilled. I am ready for some ‘nexts’ that I’m crazy excited for. It’s like this: I’ve got 5 ‘life buckets’ and they’re all 100% full. And God is reaching His hands out handing me my sixth bucket. It’s not here yet, but it’s on it’s way, and when He gives it to me, I want to fill it completely. And that’s what I’m here to do in my work with you.”

I actually cried when I wrote this out for the first time because it felt so true to my heart.

So, that’s why I hired a coach. She’s a friend of mine who I trust. She’s a coach who I know will give me SPACE to talk and will offer me thoughtful suggestions when she feels it’s right. She will offer me accountability and she’s someone who I trust I will check in with.

Hiring a coach gives me the motivation to prioritize what is most important to me. Instead of feeling afraid that I won’t fulfill or do all that is important to me, hiring a coach allows me to make a plan to have it happen. So instead of worrying, I just trust that I’m on my way.

I will forever hire coaches (and likely this same coach because I love her so much – I feel like we’re soul sisters)! As I believe many of my clients would attest to, once you find “your coach” you want her by your side for life.

I worked with this same coach one year ago, took a break, and just hired her again. It’s been two days, and I’d already make the investment over again tomorrow. Coaching is MY FAVORITE way to invest in myself.

If you’re reading this and you resonate with why I hired a coach and you’d like to work with a coach too, I’d love to talk and see if we’re a great fit! Your next step is to schedule a free 60-minute Discovery Session.

During our free Discovery Session we’ll:

  • talk through what you’d like to work on – the sky is truly the limit in what you can improve (your relationship with food, career, finances, relationships, you name it)
  • get crystal clear on your goals and what you really want for your life
  • start to discover what’s holding you back from breaking through barriers and moving forward (you can overcome those things — I’ll help you believe it!)
  • start to open the door to your powerful transformation, and step into the excitement of your new, free life
  • empower you to take the next best step that’s right for you (zero pressure)

All of the above goals are exactly what I get to work on myself, in coaching. I guess you can say I saw what my clients were getting out of their coaching sessions with me and I decided to spoil myself as well, to get that same space for growth. It is literally the best!

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂

Love, Paige

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