Why Instant Gratification Doesn’t Work

 Paige Schmidt Shares Why Instant Gratification Doesn't Work and How You Can Start Caring For Your Future Self Now.

I used to be the queen of instant gratification.

Shirt at the mall I wanted, even though I was trying to save money? Eh, forget it… getting the shirt would be way more fun. 

Gym class I was planning to go to because I always feel amazing after? Eh, forget it. Coffee in my PJ’s and continuing to sit feels way better. 

$800 in my savings account? What’s that doing there? Really, what’s the point of saving anyway? *One hour later spending money and “having fun.”*

New idea? *Calling everyone I know and telling them I’m “seriously” going to do it this time.* Next day “Oh my gosh, why did I tell everyone about this? I don’t want to do that thing at all!”

Today when I was talking to a client (and really, all this week – it’s so funny how most of us tend to go through the same things at the same time) we talked about the difference between instant gratification and caring for our future selves.

We talked about making the choice that would leave us happier now & later, and how to choose that choice more often than not. 

You know, the choice that rewards you because it’s what you actually wanted (and what you’d planned to do earlier)? The one you KNEW would make you feel the best. Yeah, you chose that! What a good feeling…

Like, saving that money so you can finally look in your savings account and see what you’ve worked for – you have a little security, and that feels awesome.

Studying for that test and feeling prepared, but figuring out a way to do so that feels more fun – like, going to a coffee shop, plugging in your headphones, and enjoying your favorite cup o’ joe while you’re re-writing your notes.

Doing that fun gym class that always leaves you feeling great – you love moving around to music, being around people, and taking care of yourself in this way.

Taking that break you’d promised yourself because you can FEEL that you need a break – you don’t want to get burnt out, so you make sure to give this time to yourself. 

Yes, the choice you knew would feel the best, and CONTINUE to feel good after you’d chosen it. Ah, such a good feeling.

This is the ripple affect of choosing what will continue to feel good later.

Now, I’m not talking about a diet, or sticking to strict rules you’ve placed on yourself because you think you “should” do them. I’m also not talking about sticking to something like an intense running schedule you created because you think you should “be a runner.”

I’m talking about those things that you know make you feel awesome, not because they seem like a good idea, but because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that if you could do those things, you would truly be happier.

Instant gratification only WORKS in the moment. And sure, in that moment, it’s fun, and gratifying and it technically does work.

But how long does instant gratification last?

Not very long. Right?

After you wear that shirt once, you’re stuck with less money in your account and a normal shirt – the newness wears off, and it’s just like all the other shirts in your closet that were once “new”. 

After you’ve been sitting in your PJ’s for an extra hour, you realize there was a reason you wanted to workout, and now it’s just on your plate for later. 

In Authentically You, my new group program, we’ll be digging into things just like this. We’ll be talking about how when we care for our future selves, we get more of what we want and create this incredible ripple affect of continuing to feel good.

This ripple effect leads to more confidence, more stability, and feeling more streamlined in your day-to-day. 

Is this what you want?

To FINALLY be doing those things you’ve set out to do. To finally honor what you want. To finally make choices that feel incredible and reward you long-term. To feel on top of the world. Like you can handle life. You’ve got this. 

To join Authentically You & find out more info, head on over to this page.

I want to help you with these same things, just like I’ve helped my clients and myself.

Today, I make so many more decisions that feel good long term. And when I don’t? I’m at least aware of the choice I’ve made so I can have more motivation to make a feel-good choice the very next chance I get.

I’m happier, more calm, and more motivated overall because of it.

I had a client share with me today, that in the past two weeks she’s been conquering stopping when she’s at a comfortable point in her meal. She said this feels EMPOWERING, she feels in-control, and she’s enjoying her food that much more.

She’s spending more time slowing down during her meal, making food that sounds good, and checking-in to see if what she’s eating is actually satisfying her.

She feels better in her body because she is less stressed and less bloated. The changes she’s making internally, are beginning to reflect externally. And it’s because she’s consistently checking in and making the choice that will leave her feeling good long term, not just in the moment.

This is what I want to help you with in Authentically You. We’ll talk through the mindsets and internal shifts that have allowed my clients to feel empowered, in-control, and confident in their choices, all because THEY want to. Join me here.

Love, Paige

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