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WHY Intuitive Eating with Paige & Sim

WHY Intuitive Eating 

(reason 2 of 4) 

Did you see the first of the “WHY Intuitive Eating?” series? Have you been considering walking down a different street, since? Here’s a little reminder of where that email started.

For six years of my life, I did one diet after the other. Constantly gaining and losing between 15 lbs. It was horrible. I was trying so hard to keep my body at a weight much lower than it needed to be at. At the same time, I wanted SO desperately to forget about calories. To have more fun. To just NOT care. I used to say: “I JUST want to feel normal.” 

Intuitive Eating allows you to finally forget about calories, have more fun, and feel normal. 

Do you want to eat amazing food and stop worrying about it? Imagine: higher quality, full of flavor, real ingredients. Imagine getting excited about your plate. Getting excited about going out to eat, because there are so many options, and you are free to choose any of them. What does that feel like?

Do you want to have more fun? Do you want to say yes to those dinners? Going out with friends? Imagine: getting excited about Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, without worrying about how much food & candy you’ll eat. Imagine going on vacation for the pure fun of vacation, and not freaking out because you’re going to “go off your diet” or, even worse, you’re going to try and hardcore control yourself while you’re trying desperately to have fun. Imagine: focusing on the FUN! Having all the conversation, laughs, and feeling happy. Imagine getting to be real with people, getting to be there for your friends when they need you. Imagine not being so distracted by what you’re going to eat next, what you ate for breakfast, what time you’re going to get to the gym, etc…

Do you want to feel normal? Then perhaps you want to give intuitive eating a chance.

I have a some ideas about what intuitive eating is and is not. I’d like to share them with you here.

Intuitive eating is not:

  • eating whatever you want without putting any thought into how you’re feeling &/or what you’re craving
  • continuing to regularly eat in front of the TV, while driving, while in a rush, etc (mindless eating)…
  • eating past your fulness consistently
  • starting on Monday, after Spring break, or starting tomorrow
  • finding a new way to diet and control your body (it’s not about being perfect or forcing your body to be a certain way)

Intuitive eating is:

  • about honoring your body and learning how to cultivate a trusting relationship with her through attention
  • creating a positive encouraging dialogue with yourself around food & your body (you will talk to yourself so much with Intuitive Eating)
  • cultivating a calm mindset, one that you can return to in any moment
  • giving yourself full permission to enjoy any food you want while also paying attention to which foods do and do not make your body feel good (eat more of the ones that DO make you feel good &/or learn how much of the more indulgent food you can eat while still feeling good.)
  • paying attention to which foods you actually like or do not like
  • giving yourself a fresh start, forgiving your past behaviors, and moving forward
  • recognizing when you’ve made a choice that doesn’t feel so great, and committing to making your very next choice one that feels better (not waiting for the next day to start over)
  • allowing your body to get to her most natural weight
  • being able to say “no” when something doesn’t sound good to you in the moment, even if someone else: made it for you; wants you to indulge with them; says they won’t eat unless you do
  • taking charge of your own body, and understanding that you are in control, not the food
  • getting comfortable with being uncomfortable in situations where you’re feeling different than other people (you won’t believe just how many people have dieters mindsets and talk about it)
  • being willing to slow down when you’re eating in those high/low moments & instead learning to live with a neutral mindset

Intuitive eating means adjusting your priorities, making time for the things that you know make you feel good. It means slowing down, paying attention, tuning-IN and not tuning-OUT, and it EVEN means taking responsibility for your life/choices (which can at times, be the hardest part – we don’t want to!).

With intuitive eating comes intuitive living, which is super important to think about before you start.

Intuitive living is:

  • getting rid of clothes that make you feel bad and buying new ones that are honoring and respectful of your body (at the very least put them away in the garage/attic/back-of-the-closet)
  • separating your great relationships from the ones that are totally draining you and taking from you
  • finding the courage to let your yes’s mean YES and your no’s mean NO
  • tuning-IN and not tuning-OUT. In other words, dealing with life, and not using food to cover up the discomfort that often brings
  • getting comfortable with yourself, your down time, and those empty moments that life brings (example: you’re waiting for someone to get home; you just came home from a really fun vacation and you’re thinking about going back to work tomorrow; it’s Sunday, and you have a ton of free time that you’re not sure what to do with; you’re not really sure what you’re feeling – you’re neither high nor low and just want to feel something 
  • treating yourself respectfully, and spending more time on yourself – do the things that you know make you feel good. Examples may be: getting dressed for the day; doing your hair a different way; getting your nails done; moving your body & not sitting all day long; keeping your house clean to avoid the feeling of overwhelm… Whatever those things may be for *you!*
  • tossing the excitement around weight gain or weight loss and making it more of a normal, natural thing that our bodies are constantly going through – we need to find peace in this area, for our bodies are always changing

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Love, Paige

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