Why It’s Important to Make Your Food Look Pretty

The importance of Food Styling

Yesterday at breakfast my Aunt asked me: “Paige, so why is important for your food look pretty?”


I was so excited when she asked me this, because styling my food more is one thing that helped me improve my relationship to food.

It helped me:

-connect with my food
-appreciate what I was putting into my body
-eat more colorful foods
-slow down
-notice my food before I ate it

You have five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch.

Do you think when you eat you only need to satisfy the taste factor?

Not me. I want to satisfy all 5 tastes.

Why do you think expensive restaurants focus so much on presentation? Would you enjoy your experience if they just threw a blob of food on a paper plate and handed you a plastic fork and a paper towel?

Making my food look appealing helps me to be able to stop when I am full, feel satisfied, and appreciate (and think about) what I am putting into my body.


Sorry (I’m not sorry) for the plate of unfinished food, but I wanted to share that I’m able to stop when I’m full. This is HUGE for me. A few years back, I would never be able to do this. I’d have to “ruin” my food with table salt in order to stop. Crazy thought, right? When you really satisfy yourself and you enjoy a mouthful of flavor, it’s hard to keep eating when you’re full.

{I’ll post more on this later with a diagram attached}

If you need inspiration, pick up some food magazines. Have FUN with your food. Take pictures if it helps you!


Do you style your food at all?

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