Why my to-do list was not helping me get things done

Are you struggling to prioritize something (perhaps something new you want to start) into your daily life?

Do you find yourself continuously thinking “I’ll do that today” but not following through?

I get it. This week, I started a new Bible study with a couple of girlfriends and I found it a struggle to get into the habit of sitting down to actually do my homework (even though I wanted to).

As I write this, I’m sitting at my dining room table having just finished day four of a new Bible study I started this week.

I’m doing the study with two girlfriends and the way it goes is for six weeks we meet on Friday mornings via Zoom to watch a 30 minute video. Then, there are 5 days of homework (each day takes about 45 minutes), and a podcast style recording to listen to. 

Yesterday I found myself thinking “Whoops, I forgot to catch up again last night like I had wanted to.” 

I had only completed 75% of day one and it was Wednesday. I was supposed to be done with all 5 days and the podcast by Friday, when we’d start week 2. Whoops!

I’m excited about the study, I want to do it, but it wasn’t happening. 

And then I had my moment.

My moment of realization where I: 1) gave myself grace because this is a new routine for me to incorporate this much study into my life (this much study that is on a specific schedule) and 2) recognized that if I wanted this to be a priority, which I do, I needed to sit down, make a plan for today, and make a plan for tomorrow of how I’d catch up. 

It wasn’t working to just say “I’ll do that today” or even write down “Bible study” on my to-do list.

Truth be told, anytime I try to start a new habit, I often run into this (if you do too, you’re not alone). Whether it be daily exercise, taking vitamins, doing a nighttime routine… but there is one fail-proof plan that always helps me once I do it.

And I’m sharing it with my TGV members.

If you’re nodding your head saying “me too” the newest audio lesson in The Growth Vault was created for you. This lesson will give you the confidence and tools to do the things that are most important to you, everyday.

No more putting things off… just feeling the rewards of follow-through and the confidence that comes from knowing that you will do anything you decide to do. 💃

(I’m experiencing those feelings right now, and it feels pretty darn good!).

To listen to the new audio lesson join us here, login and click on “Resource Vault” (it’s #27 right at the top).

Love, Paige

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