Why You Don’t Need A New MacBook Or The Perfect Body


If you constantly find yourself thinking about losing weight or having the “next best thing,” this post is for you. 

We constantly want the next best thing, don’t we?

Who of you drool over a new iPhone or a new MacBook every two years? I know I was drooling when I first saw the new, slim, gold, Apple MacBook. Immediately, I started thinking of all the reasons I needed it and how amazing life would be if I had it.

I saw myself in coffee shops sipping my favorite warm drink, working, and taking top shot photo’s of that new gold computer sitting next to my coffee and cute notebook (you know, the one that also has gold in it). 

It wasn’t until yesterday that I realized that having that new gold laptop doesn’t actually matter at all to me.

Here’s the story: yesterday morning on my way home from the gym, I had the perfect scenario playing in my mind. I would go to Starbucks, work there for the morning hours, and order my favorite Matcha Green Tea Latte. I felt excited about this. I felt inspired. It sounded FUN.

Regular thoughts crossed my mind as I was trying to make a decision: “should I go? Should I stay home? Well, really, you could get that same work done at home. And save money. And you probably shouldn’t start making this a habit.”

I felt so uninspired when all of those limiting thoughts set in.

So, after a few minutes of that I said: “screw it. I don’t care. I’m going to Starbucks because I feel excited when I think about being there. It makes me feel creative and happy and joyful, and honestly, I think it would make my entire day better if I just said ‘YES’ to this one desire.”

I did, and I went to Starbucks and had such a wonderful time with myself. I got tons of work done, felt super creative, and was in a wonderful mood.

As I sat there working, I thought (for the first time since my eyes landed on that gold MacBook): “gosh, I don’t want to new laptop at all. I love this ol’ thing – it’s gotten me through so many years, it’s how I started my blog, and it’s still going!”

My next thought was about our bodies (I’m always thinking of you girls!) and how we so often put being thin on a pedestal. We dream that when we have THAT body, we will finally arrive. 

Finally we will get to start wearing those super cute clothes.

Finally people will notice us & maybe even like us more.  

Finally will want to take pictures just like everybody else.

Finally we will feel happy and confident and will start wanting to do all of the things we’ve always dreamed of and have energy and totally have our lives together.

That’s when we’ll start having fun.

That’s when it will finally feel easy to work out & “eat healthy.”

What yesterday taught me, (which is the point of this post) is that maybe it’s not all about the skinny body or the MacBook.

When I was at Starbucks, I didn’t care about having a gold laptop. I was just happy to be in my element doing exactly what I wanted to do on my old (perfectly fine!) laptop. I felt SO content.

Maybe what we REALLY want is to simply be able to do the things that we are imagining we’ll do once we lose weight. 

Having fun! Making plans. Being social. 

Treating ourselves! Taking trips! Getting that manicure &/or pedicure. 

Feeling beautiful and important. 

Saying yes to the small things throughout the day that make us smile and make us feel filled with joy.

Calling friends and scheduling those coffee dates and getting that personal connection that you’re craving.

Honestly. Think about it. Everything you own was once new and then eventually, you just got used to it. The excitement wore off. What if a new body is the same? Only exciting for a little while, ultimately left feeling in need of more?

Haven’t you heard? Most people who talk about finally reaching their “life goals” say that the lesson is: you never fully arrive. You always end up wanting more. Learn to appreciate everything along the way.

What if we can start enjoying life NOW, as if we were already at our goal weight, and stop waiting for something (that might not even be real/true) to arrive. 

I’m not saying that we’re not allowed to lose weight or get a new MacBook, or even that either of those things are bad. What I am saying is that we don’t want to WAIT until we lose weight to start living the life we *think* we’ll have once we’re there.

What is it that you’ve been wanting? A better income? A better body? A new living space? A better relationship? 

Close your eyes for just a moment and picture whatever it is that you’ve been wanting. When you have that image in your head hold onto it. I want you to look for where you are, what you’re wearing, what your facial expression looks like, what you’re thinking. Who are you surrounded by? What is new about your life?

Make a list of what you see in that image and start doing those things that you are in control of today – just see what happens!

What are your thoughts on this post? Can you relate? Or, did I totally just have a moment all on my own? 😉 

xo, your coach


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