Writing, Kraken Coffee, and Daily Eats

Good-morning, and happy Tuesday! It’s an early morning over here, with coffee in hand in my Self-Love Summer mug. I just finished a bit of quiet time, and now I’m writing and planning out the rest of the month. This morning my quiet time consisted of Jesus Calling, The Gratitude Diaries (I want to finish this book this week so I can start one a reader sent to me – Option B), and journaling through what is going well right now. I shared on Instagram how helpful this has been for me recently – it keeps me grounded and is the best thing for keeping my stress at bay.

Today I have daily eats to share from yesterday with you! This week is my “creation week” which means it’s my off week from meeting with clients and my on week for writing all of the content that I get to share with you all. These weeks always consist of early mornings when I do some of my best thinking.

Before we dive into this daily eats post, I want to set the stage: these posts are NOT for comparison, rather, they’re to encourage you toward freedom in your own body, as I experience freedom in mine. They’re to encourage you to listen to your body’s wants and needs apart from rules around food.


The morning started off with early work. I woke up at 6:15 and Asia picked me up at 6:45 to work from Kraken Coffee in Avila Beach. This is a cute new coffee shop in Avila that took over Joe Mama’s. I am a fan of the new place! It overlooks the water (this is a side view) and has a great upstairs workspace (where we are here).

I ordered a black coffee and snacked on half of my GoMacro bar (wasn’t feeling the whole thing). Asia wanted to capture the barista making a cappuccino on her Insta story, so he also gave us the video “prop” for free. Yay for free cappuccinos, Kraken – thank you! I saved my black coffee for later in the day (which felt like such a treat!).

After a few hours, we headed back home. Asia dropped me off and I made a quick breakfast before heading to the gym with Marco. Two eggs on top of one piece of sourdough. Yum! Quick, easy, and so delicious. Seriously, it never gets old.

Instead of driving to the gym, I’ve been walking. It’s not far – only about 1.5 miles – and when I walk there my knee’s feel good and lifting weights feels better – it works out perfectly, everything is warmed up and I’ve gotten fresh air and sunshine (not to mention, walking helps me to clear my head).

When we got home I heated up leftovers from the weekend: leftover carne asada burrito for Marco and leftover rice and chicken stir-fry for me with Bragg’s Liquid Amino’s and avocado. Yum! This was super good. However, I dished myself a little to much and shared some of this with Marco.

After lunch I got back to work for the afternoon. I had a meeting with Abby planning Self-Love Summer. We’ve been prepping again for the past couple of months, and are so excited that summer is almost here! You girls know what that means! And if you don’t know, get ready to – you’ll love it!

After work, Marco and I went grocery shopping. For last nights dinner, I had him pick. So, we had ribs and caesar salad. We were both pretty hungry when we got back home from shopping so I whipped up some guac to have with a chips while I cooked. I snacked on a handful. So good!

For dinner, I have to admit… I got a little grossed out. Now, I can eat ribs… I don’t typically have a problem with them. But these ones… Oh gosh, one of the ribs cracked in half while I was eating it and made this horrific popping sound and I justttt couldn’t. I lost my appetite completely and put my dinner away for Marco to have later. Whoops!

After dinner, we cleaned up, I read for a bit, and then Marco and I watched La La Land. I stayed off Instagram for the whole day, with the goal of just being in my life and it felt so good. Do you ever feel like you need a break from Insta? Don’t get me wrong, I love it. But sometimes I open it up too much! 

I hope you all have a great day! I’ll be in the office working on new posts for the morning. New and awesome content coming this week, so be ready. I’ll also be sending my new VIP Q+A email on Thursday, so make sure you’re signed up! This week I’ll be answering this readers question:

“Gluten makes me so tired, and I know it doesn’t make me feel good, however, when I’m on vacation I feel like I can’t stop eating it. This is a time where I want to have the most energy, but then end up having the least. I end up eating SO MUCH of what doesn’t make me feel good. Help!” 

Oh, and if you’ve been curious about working with me one on one in health coaching, fill in this form to get more information and a link to schedule a consultation. I have two spaces open as of this week and expect them to go quickly!

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