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Good-morning, and happy Tuesday!

I’ve just opened up THREE spots to begin coaching with me this December. I’m so excited to share these spots with you!

I was planning to share these spots YESTERDAY, however, I had a few current clients renew their coaching programs with me and so I had to make sure I still had room for new women.

So, here’s the deal.

November is totally full, but starting December 6th, I would love to take THREE more of you in my six-month Total Transformation Program!

Theses spots are first come first serve and after they fill I’ll begin a wait list which will also be first come first serve – so enter your info HERE to get the process started and connect with me!

Here’s what you will receive when you work with me this December:

  • a complimentary 60-minute Clarity Call
  • two 50-minute phone sessions per month (12 total)
  • bi-weekly action steps to support you in meeting your goals
  • free unlimited email and text support
  • a personalized welcome gift in the mail from me
  • lifetime access to the Healthy Hits Coaching FB group
  • my personal commitment to your health and happiness
  • BONUS (for the next THREE people)lifetime access to Finally Free Program + Authentically You 

My approach to health & happiness is NOT about calorie counting, portion control, or any fancy restriction diets/rules. I believe that if you want to have a positive relationship with food and your body, you have to learn to look at both differently.

work with paige health coaching

Which is why I work with my clients in no-shame/no-judgement approach, meet them where they’re at, and work with them to improve their relationship to both food & their bodies in six-months.

I believe that when we feel good, we want to keep feeling good.

My clients leave their time with my inspired to continue taking care of themselves making choices that allow them to feel great long-term. Which is the most important part right – longterm? 

“Paige has shown me that my life is so much more than the calories I eat in a day or the size of my clothes…food is not the enemy, my worth is not determined by my size, and healthy is still achievable without being a slave to calorie counting.”

– Ann-Marie R. (see more/all testimonials here)

Some of the things my clients experience while working with me: weight-loss, feeling joy in their day to day lives, reducing anxiety, feeling happier in their bodies, feeling organized with their priorities, nipping binge eating disorder in the butt, reducing sugar cravings, making career changes, improving their relationships, feeling comfortable in social situations, gaining financial control, etc…

“This is about so much more than just food – it’s about embracing who I really am, finding my joy, and being the best I can be.”

– Sarah Y. (see more/all testimonials here)

If you’d like to be one of my next three clients, please follow these TWO steps…

  1. Read the success stories of my clients HERE – if you resonate with their stories, then…
  2. …enter your name & email on THIS page so I can send you more info and you can book your Clarity Call in NOV to get started with your first session in December. Head to THIS page to enter your info now.

“I am happy with myself. I am happy with my relationships. I am happy with my body. I am happy with my priorities. I am happy. I have learned so much from Paige and would recommend her to every. single. person…”

– Molly L. (see more/all testimonials here)

Thanks everyone! I CANNOT WAIT to hear from my new group of December girls! I’m so excited to meet you already! 

Love, Paige

Learn to tap into ease and joy every day and in every area. Savor the life you’ve created. Visualize Your Happiest Self.

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