Workday Weekend

The busy, busy weekend!

Friday I worked 1-10:30p and met Marco in between at Urbane Cafe for dinner (previous post).

Saturday, I worked 8-2:30.

Sunday I worked 10-5. Typically, I have Sat & Sun off, but this weekend was a bit different.


To prep for Saturday morning I made two Green Smoothies.

I had one at 8:00 and one at 11:30

photo 1

At about 1:00 I had a tiny cup of a PB Smoothie that the little girl I was watching got at Jamba Juice. Did I say smoothie? I meant milkshake… this thing was too sweet.

photo 2

At about 2, I had a snack of Apple slices and PB Larabar

photo 3

For dinner, Marco and I went to Wood Ranch. I had one bread roll…

photo 4

….two small pieces of Salmon….

photo 5

….and a half Natalies Salad. Yum! This dinner was good!

For the rest of our date, we went and saw the movie the Butler. There, we split a small popcorn.



Sunday was a fun, busy day! I woke up and had quiet time before the day started. I had Coffee, searched Weddings on Pinterest, and painted my nails.

We had to take breakfast to-go Sunday morning, and I wanted something more than just a Larabar, so I had us to-go eggs & toast 🙂

photo 1 photo 2

After Church, I had a very successful Stella & Dot party! So fun!

By the way, anything that I make from Stella & Dot is going to towards our Wedding! So, if you have your eye on anything, let me know!

photo 3

For lunch, I ate a small piece of a sandwich, a few bites of watermelon, and a tiny serving of salad. I didn’t even have time to take a photo (sad!). When I’m at these parties I get so busy focusing on the women, answering questions, and trying to be as attentive as possible that I hardy have time to grab a bite to eat, let alone take a photo… so, words will have to do 😉

photo 4

Joanne was an incredible host. She made the party so fun, and was so easy-going. I really had a great time with this party. Especially knowing that I was doing it for a reason – to earn money for the most important day of my life 🙂

photo 5 photo 3

For dinner, we ate at my parents house. Salad and flatbread pizza that my dad made. It was made on TJ’s Lavash Bread. So good!

photo 4 photo 5

For dessert, decaf coffee 😉

Okay guys, have a wonderful day! I know, I’m a couple of days behind, so tomorrow’s post will be a Monday/Tuesday thing 🙂

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