Working From Home

Good evening everyone!


I worked from home yesterday, so I did a ton of sitting. My appetite wasn’t that huge because of it. I started off the day with a green smoothie.

I had 6 Clients back to back yesterday, and did not get out of my Pajama’s. Whoops! I really wanted to be comfortable while Health Coaching, and boy… I was! I love my job so much- not because I get to wear pajama’s (sshhh) but because I seriously have wound up with the best group of girls I could ever ask for. I love speaking to each an everyone of them!


My afternoon snacks included organic hummus, and all of the carrots pictured here


A Larabar


And some dried mangos! Notice my Stella + Dot blue nail polish 🙂 Thanks Nikki!


For dinner I had a sweet potato with vegetarian chili. SO good! I ate all of this. You could easily be happy with half though 🙂 The chili is the Organic Vegetarian Chili from Trader Joe’s

IMG_4386.JPG photo 1

After dinner, I wrapped up work and went to my Mom’s house to wash my car and walk with her. On our walk we enjoyed tea, and after our walk, I tried some tuna with tomatoes wrapped in lettuce that she had made earlier. She was telling me how good it was 🙂

Okay everyone. Well, I hope you all have a wonderful night! I’m off to the Gym before Marco gets home. Got to get my run in 🙂 See you here tomorrow!


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