Yes to meeting for Coffee, Yes to lunch, Yes to pre-dinner, dinner!

Hello loves! Hope you all enjoyed the post this morning, The year of Yes!

After I wrote that, I went downtown Ventura and met my friend Tiffany at Palermo, one of Venturas local Coffee shops. I got an Orca Chai, otherwise known as sugar-free Chai.

A couple hours later, I met my cousin Megan for lunch at Natures Grill, which is also downtown. With time to kill in between, I sat in my car and read with my feeties out the window and my head rested back. Now that was relaxing!

For lunch, I ordered the tempeh tacos. The menu reads: ground soy tempeh in a zesty red sauce on corn tortillas with cheese topped with shredded cabbage, tomatoes, onions, and avocado.

I also got a side of black beans and brown rice. This was super yummy, and I would definitely get it again! It was very lite, and just enough to hold me over for the few hours that I was out today.

Have you ever tried these? They are pretty good!

When I got home, while I was making my oatmeal, I snacked on a plum

Now, I am not sure what to call this? Dinner… Snack…? Pre-dinner, dinner? I don’t know, but I know I am going to be hungry again in a few hours, so I guess I will just let my tummy decide. In any case, I was hungry and craving oatmeal with toast, so this is what I had! Oatmeal with a piece of whole wheat toast cut up into little pieces that were suitable for dipping 😉 Yum!

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