Yesterday’s Eats & Exercise!

Good morning everyone! How are you? I am sorry I didn’t blog yesterday, my bloggin platforms were not loading pictures and would crash everytime I tried- I promise I tried to get to you! Haha. Well, here is the whole day yesterday:

I woke up around 7:30 and re-wrote my notes as I re-listened to lectures from Physiology. I ate one serving of shredded spoonfuls with almond milk and half a peach

It was so yummy. I’m telling ya- cereal hits the spot everytime. I ate the other half of my peach on the way out the door a couple hours later

After class, around lunch time, before my 3 hour lab, I ate this Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip LARABAR. Okay, I had tried this before, and I told y’all it was too sweet. NOT this time! It was soo good! Maybe because how hungry I was? I don’t know what it was… but it was amazing! (Can I have this one on the 6-8 week clense? It has chocolate chips? Ah! Haha

About 4 hours later, I came home during my Nanny Job and threw this together.

Thank you Jaimie Judkins, this was delicious! She recommended me this when I asked what everyones favorite Trader Joes items were. See, I told you guys I’d try it! 🙂

Spicy Egg White Salad (only 100 calories for the whole container) with added: sunflower seeds, basil, and the pepper plant sauce for extra spice

I love how colorful and pretty this was!

I added the sunflower seeds on top because I remember once having a pate that had this and it was delicious!

And always- for extra spice, Pepper Plant is my favorite!

A few hours later I ‘snacked for dinner.’ I had these delicious grapes WITH seeds in them! They taste like REAL grapes! Why haven’t I had these before?! This is where the REAL grape flavor is, and they’re so fun to eat! My parents picked them up at the farmers market yesterday

I also had TWO of these LITTLE sandwiches. They look big in the picture, but in reality (compare to the size of the olives) they’re only a few inches long. Super little. It’s just tuna with olives on whole wheat pieces of toast.

After I ate “dinner” I went to watch my sweet Chloepie!

We walked the neighborhood for an hour n’ a half! Woohoo! Great exercise while babysitting, and SO much fun! I’ll post a video for y’all later! You’ll love it! After our walk we used up all the calories we burned eating crackers/cheese/roast beef. OOPS! Haha, it’s not even pictured, but I ate quite a few! Probably 10-15, haha. After that I hit the gym and burned it all off on the elliptical and stair-stepper (high levels). I was trying to make myself tired before bed because when I don’t go to the gym during the day, I just can’t sleep as good. I need to burn all that energy out.

Anyways, I hope you all have a fabulous day! I’ll be back soon with more posts, but for now, GYM TIME! I’m going to my Step Class! Woohoo!

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