Yogurt with fruit and flaxseed

Good morning tumblies! Hope you all slept great! I slept like a rock last night!

This morning when I got home, I made greek yogurt with banana, flax seed, berries, shredded coconut and honey. I love this little bowl too. How cute?!

I always buy frozen berries because for one, they are cheaper, and two, they last longer! Instead of thawing them out in the microwave, I learned to just stick them in a pan for a few seconds to heat them up. Works perfectly!

This is the flaxseed that I use. I got it either at our local health foods store, or Trader Joes. I can’t remember exactly… Hmm.. maybe I did get this one at TJ’s… I’ll check next time I go 🙂

Have a great day loves! I am off to get my room all cleaned and organized. I’m just in one of those moods! Laundry, vision board, dusting, bed makin’… all that good stuff ;). See you back here for lunch!

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