You Can Do Hard Things

Paige Schmidt

In all aspects of life this year has begged me to grow, to be strong in the face of adversary, and to essentially “keep going” when it would have felt WAY easier not to.

This has taught me that I can do hard things. It’s empowered me.

In the midst of hard things I’ve continued to:

  • take care of myself
  • run a business
  • meet with clients
  • maintain a solid marriage
  • create a new coaching program (Authentically You!)
  • take care of my mom
  • and maintain a level of joy I didn’t know was possible in a time like this

It’s been HARD, there’s heart-ache, and I’d never wish this on anyone. But somehow I’ve carried through and know I’ll continue to carry through.

I’m hesitant to say “I can do hard things” because I fear in saying this life will hand me MORE to work through… but honestly? I’m just gonna say it! Because the truth is, life WILL hand me more (that’s life!), but if I can do hard things that means you can too. And if my experience can encourage you, then so be it!

If you are going through something hard, too…

You can keep working (I know sometimes you wish you didn’t have to). You can keep taking care of yourself. It’ll look so different than it did before, but you’ll make it work. You’ll manage, and you’ll be okay. You’ll want a break, and you’ll have to learn a new way to balance, but you can do it.

Authentically You, my newest group program, will wrap up it’s 8th and final week this Thursday, and you guys… I cannot stop thinking about HOW in awe I am that I was able to create a new program through the hardest season of my life… This empowers me beyond measure. I’m so glad/proud I did it! 

What does life look like for me today?

Sunday & Monday I spend time with my husband, Marco. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I work from 9-6. Mornings & evenings are spent with mom on workdays, and on Friday & Saturday, I am moms primary caregiver.

Life looks drastically different today than it did one month ago, three months ago, and eight moms ago. Eight months ago if you told me what my life was going to look like today I would have panicked and told you it would be impossible. That I couldn’t do it. But here I am today, doing it.

So, no matter what you’re going through… Whether you’re trying to get over an eating disorder, you’re going through a breakup, you’ve moved to a new place, someone you love has cancer, your parents are going through a divorce, YOU’RE going through a divorce, you’ve just been laid off… Whatever it is…

You can do it. You can make it through. You can keep your head above water. It won’t be easy. And it’ll seem impossible a lot of the time, but if you have the courage to keep walking through the storm, you’ll make it through to the other side.

I wanted to share this post to encourage YOU and remind you just how capable you are. To remind you that if you’re going through something hard, you’re not alone. I hear you and I understand. It’s scary, it seems impossible, it’s overwhelming, you feel like you’re at capacity, but you can do it. Believe this. 

To talk about what I’m doing to keep going, how I’m talking to myself, etc… that’s a whole different post. If you want to hear, let me know in the comments. I want to hear… When you think of a hard season in your life… What things have shown you how capable you are? Currently in one? Share. 

Love, Paige

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