You Have Permission to Change

This week I wanted to take a few minutes to remind you of your own truth: you have permission to change. It’s heavy on my heart to share this message and I believe it’s because someone desperately needs to hear this. If you are unhappy with any area of your life, you have permission to change it. You have the power within you to make a change. To evolve into a version of yourself that you DO want to be.

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I’ll be honest with you, there is a cost to changing into the woman you want to be. Some people will be very uncomfortable with you changing.

Tally up the cost though and evaluate if it’s worth it.

Is it worth feeling awesome in your new fashion style, confident in a career change, secure in your relationships, present in your family? Even if the cost of choosing those things means people’s opinions of you changing? Or inviting in judgment or criticism?

There is a version of you that you were meant to be. That’s why you feel “off” when you aren’t living in alignment with her with your decisions. But it is SO possible to align your thoughts and actions with your desires for your life. I promise!

Play with the thought of giving yourself unconditional permission to change, in any life area you are craving change.

Does this permission thought invite in relaxation? Fear?

If it’s the latter, keep speaking over yourself this empowering truth, “I have permission to change.” Keeping speaking this over yourself until you believe it.

You are the one living your life, you are the one experiencing life as you, not the people who may look down on you for changing. Remember that when the cost of change feels hard.

Remember the benefits YOU reap by chasing change down wholeheartedly.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • More examples of the cost of change
  • Why you have the power to change when you don’t like how you feel
  • Why no one else can change you but you

Mentioned in this Episode:

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