You Want Cream But Have None – Ice Cream Coffee

Good morning! It’s raining here in SLO 🙂

cappuccino scout coffee slo

Yesterday started out with a coffee date at Scout Coffee with a new SLO friend, Jenni (she has a great Website). I ordered a cappuccino, like always. Love their caps 🙂

eggs and toast breakfast

When I came home Marco and I had eggs & toast together and then went to the Gym (leg day).

kale and quinoa with chicken lunch

For lunch, we had leftovers from the night before: kale, quinoa, and chicken sausage with avocado, soy sauce, and some sriracha. This time, we had tomato soup on the side. I ate about half of this — I didn’t have much of an appetite for lunch.

black coffee happy cup

I worked through the day and had a mad coffee craving after reading Simi’s post.

Guess what I did? About halfway through my cup o’ black coffee I decided I wanted cream & sugar. Problem with this craving? We didn’t have any. So, I added a t. of french vanilla ice cream to my coffee, reheated it, and mixed it up with my frother. It was so yummy and to my surprise, it wasn’t super sweet! It’s a nice treat to have on a rainy day (kinda reminds me of hot cocoa in coffee but with vanilla).

make your own balsamic

In between my last two health coaching clients I made dressing for a salad that I was taking to dinner at Jenni’s. She and her hubby invited Marco and I over for dinner. Talk about a nice thing to do for someone who just moved to town 🙂

This dressing was about 2T. balsamic, 2T. olive oil, 1t. dijon mustard, and 1t. honey (give or take from any ingredient depending on your tastebuds). Put it all in the food processor, blend and you’re good to go! If you don’t have a FP, shake ingred’s vigorously in a jar!

make your own urbane cafe salad

This is the salad I made for dinner: baby spring mix, feta cheese, mandarin oranges, and my homemade dressing. It was liked 🙂 Thanks Urbane Cafe for the inspiration 😉

homemade simple salad

Around 3:30 I made a salad for myself using this same dressing since I knew I wouldn’t be eating until about 7:00 and I hadn’t eaten much for lunch. This salad was arugula, baby spinach, SuperSeedz, sliced turkey, avocado, and my homemade dressing. So good 🙂

dinner with friends

Dinner at Jenni’s house was my salad, her homemade bread, roasted veggies, and steak with her chimichurry sauce. Everything was homemade and super yummy, especially Jenni’s chimichurri sauce — I’ve gotta make that myself! Here’s an epicurious recipe I think I’ll try. If you want to see more of Jenni’s cooking, check out her recipe page here.


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finding balance ebook

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