Your 20s: A Time of Excitement Yet Confusion

Hi girls,

Ah. Your 20s. This is an interesting time in our lives, right? It’s that time where you’re now officially an adult and are introduced to the “real world”. It’s also a time of discovery, growth, major milestones, and oftentimes confusion.

Each of our “20s” look SO different depending upon the specific person. For example, I’m in my 20s and am happily married to the love of my life and love what I do for my career.

I also have friends my age who are wanting to focus on being single and discover what they want to do in terms of career.

Both avenues are OKAY and great.

This is what makes our 20s so unique.

Paige Schmidt Share the Beauty of Being in your 20s. It is Okay to be Uncertain. It's Also Okay to be Confident in What you Want.

There are so many articles circulating the internet that give different opinions on how to “live life” and navigate your 20s. Some say to travel, live freely, work multiple jobs, and fall in love.

Other articles say that this is a time of settling down, beginning a stable career, and making a life with someone.

Some of my friends feel as if they have no clue what they want to do with their life in terms of career and a future family, while others are incredibly happy in what they are doing and know what direction they want to go.

This, I believe, is the beauty of being in your 20s. It is okay to be uncertain. It’s also okay to be confident in what you want.

PERSONAL STORY TIME (because we all love stories, right?):

For me, the most difficult time of my 20s (so far) happened between the ages of 18 and 22 (lets just count it all as my 20s). I hit what felt like bottom for myself around 18, got back up, changed the direction of my life and found my spirituality, began to learn (for the first time) from the years of dieting I’d put myself through,  switched majors in college multiple times, dropped nursing school and decided to become a Health Coach, started dating my best friend of 8 years (yep, Marco!), and finally, became engaged… and then FREAKED OUT (should probably post more about this because I think this is SO NORMAL).

After these four years of what felt like trauma (ha!), I finally decided to get some help and talk things out with a counselor and discovered that this was all okay.

I felt like a yo-yo going up and down, up and down, up and down. Those times when I was up felt scary because I didn’t feel stable. Those times when I was down felt scary, because I felt like I’d never feel settled or figured things out.

It wasn’t until I did some deep work with myself that I started to calm down, set the fear aside, start to do the things I wanted, and believe in myself more.

Going through your 20s is a challenge. As women, our bodies begin to change for the first time from teen bodies to more adult womanly bodies (ladies, this is NORMAL), we have bills to pay, and we start having more decisions to make.

Its also a time where we can become more confident in ourselves with age, and start to see different perspectives that allow us to understand the world a little better.

Since I’m still living in my 20s, I can’t really write on how I “got through them” or the best way to live this decade. I’m still learning with so many of you girls!

However, I do believe that if we can use these years as ones to learn to love ourselves, create goals for ourselves, and try to put our best selves forward, we will all eventually “figure it all out.”

That’s sort of what we’re doing all the time… right?

So, for those of you who have “graduated” from your 20s, what tips do you have for those of us who are still in our 20s? My girls who are still in your 20s: what do you find to be the most rewarding and the most challenging about this decade?

My new friend Asia, who also blogs, wrote a recent post on what she’s learned in her 26 years of life. It’s totally related to this post and I think you’ll love it. Go > here.

Leave a comment. I want to hear your thoughts! Let’s keep this conversation going :).



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