Your Turn


I always get to talk at all of you, now it’s your turn to give me some feedback. With all the work that goes into this blog, I would really appreciate your input 🙂

Either comment below, or email me at if you have something more personal to share. Either is fine 🙂


What is your favorite thing about Healthy Hits the Spot?

Has Healthy Hits the Spot helped you in any way?

What type of posts do you love most?

  • Recipes
  • Motivational Posts
  • “What I ate” Posts
  • Other

Let me know! Feedback is so very much appreciated!

Plus, this just gives me another way to communicate with all of you 🙂

PS, I know it seems like a lot to comment, but once you fill out your info one time, it stays forever and commenting comes easy. Plus, its FUN! I always do my best to respond to each and everyone of you!

Thanks everyone! Love you!

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