You’ve Got Homework!


Good morning Beauties! How did you sleep? Hopefully well. I woke up super hungry this morning!


For breakfast I had a delicious bowl of non-fat, plain, Greek Yogurt with organic local honey + organic strawberries


Love these flavors! I also had a cup o’ coffee with organic raw agave + rice milk

Yes, Rice Milk is technically a grain, but that’s what we have right now and I cannot stand cows milk. Yuck! I will be picking up some Almond Milk today from Costco 🙂


I saw this picture today on Pinterest and it made me laugh! This is so true for me when I go on a run. My sports bra turns into pockets. Don’t ask how things don’t fall out. Lately, since I have been running with Marco I don’t take a phone or chap-stick because he’s with me (I’m safe) and it’s nigh time (no need for SPF!)

Okay, so I have a question for you all! I thought this would be fun, and totally helpful for me! I want you guys to be included in my Birthday experience, and I think that’s why I am so excited to be doing something food related for my Birthday- I can blog about it! But the next thing I am thinking about for my Birthday is my outfit!

So here is some homework for you! Email me a pic of what you would wear for your 21st Birthday! I know you’re all sitting on Pinterest anyway, so help a Sister out 😉 My e-mail is I will do a blog post with all of the pictures I get! I think it would be totally fun, and I so hope you guys will participate! I will find pictures too 🙂

{PS, If you have instagram, just post the pic on there and say “What I would wear for my 21st Birthday” and tag @HealthyHitstheSpot. That’s even easier, and I will grab the pics from insta!}

I know it’s totally riidiculous that I am this excited for my BDay, but when your boyfriend has already planned it a month ahead of time, it feels that way! Guess what he planned? The whole day! Here it is:

Morning- My favorite Coffee Bean Latte + a walk

Brunch- Breakfast w/ friends + my first drink of the day. A mimosa!

Afternoon- Check into Crown Plaza located on the Beach in Ventura

Evening- Dinner w/ friends + a drink (Lemon Drop? Yes, please! And I will take sugar on the rim!)

Nightlife- Go out downtown, and invite everyone we know and have a great time!

2 am- Go back to the hotel and sleep (maybe)

Does that not sound like the best time ever!? And he planned it all himself!


I love LC’s makeup in this picture. This is pretty much how I do my makeup day-to-day anyway, but I like this look for my B-day. Natural makeup with a fun outfit!

Excited to see what you guys have to say!

Picture 1

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